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Kenpo Academy of Martial Arts/Kenpo for Kids has been providing instruction for kids, teens and adults in the Fresno/Clovis area for the past 10 years.

For several years we have been providing "Defensive Tactics" instruction for Fresno Probation Department and the Fresno Air National Guard.

We dont need contracts or high pressure sales tactics, our honesty and quality instruction is what brings people in and makes them want to stay.

What is Kenpo?


There are many "Sub-Sets" or systems of Kenpo. Think of it this way...Ford is one kind of car brand, yet they make many varieties of cars. So even though Kenpo has many branches or sub-systems, they all share common roots. Our System of Kenpo is known as Chinese Kenpo Karate. It is a blend of both Japanese and Chinese martial arts. Kenpo teaches self-defense and self-control. It is presented in a high energy manner that insures fitness. It emphasizes vital point attacks using hand, and foot strikes. Throws, sweeps and joint locks are also utilized in Kenpo.

**We are not affiliated with any other Kenpo schools in the Central Valley.